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WERSJA ANGIELSKA OFERTY: A walk on Warsaw's creative side

ARTE Foundation welcomes you to discover the diverse spirit of Warsaw!

"A Walk on Warsaw's Creative Side"

Far beyond the traditional history-and-culture city tours, ARTE Foundation's

"A Walk on Warsaw's Creative Side" highlights the modern and zany side of modern Warsaw

through dynamic walking tours for individuals and small groups - for both Poles and foreigners!

"A Walk on Warsaw's Creative Side - individually tailored tours"

Our goal is not the old-style „sight-seeing”, but “experiencing” Warsaw: rediscovering her hidden treasures and unique vibes, tracing the history enchanted in the city walls, showing her diverse sides.

ARTE Foundation focuses on the promotion of cultural heritage and uniqueness of the Polish capital, as well on stimulating creativity and artistic affinity of our sympathizers. Therefore we put emphasis on details, buildings and urban landscapes inspiring to photographers and curious visitors, reflecting the diversity and variety of all Warsaw faces.

Our walking trail – based on a set course, but always tailored to individual needs – is marked in a way to bring history and Warsaw atmosphere closer to you. It leads guests through hidden backyards, lesser-known but unique shops, art galleries, murals and streets of the metropolitan heart of the pre-war Warsaw (Downtown South – Śródmieście Południowe), through the area of the legendary Palace of Culture and Science and the ex-ghetto, as well along the Royal Route.

This original walking tour in the company of Warsaw-lovers of the ARTE Foundation, lasts for around 3 hours: our advantage lays in our flexibility and openness to the individual needs of our guests.

As a continuation, the route leads visitors to the right-bank of Warsaw (Praga district), to Saska Kępa or Mariensztat and Powiśle districts. Above and beyond, we are eager to show you Wola and Mirów, where the dynamic character of the capital reaches its peak.

We offer you a hand and company in walks suitable to even the most unusual needs!

We can accompany you in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish,  Russian and Hungarian!

Please, send applications and questions concerning the detailed walking route and prices to:

"A Walk on Warsaw's Creative Side - individually tailored tours"
ARTE Foundation
Marszałkowska Street 4/4, Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: +48 22 891 01 62
Karolina Marcinkowska